“my precious”

At some point, many loving and sincere socialists of the past became convinced that their striving defined their existence and was the only way to extend the revolution. I now better know that I am not immune to this thinking. For me, politics is personal. But it must not consume me. My own precious efforts are counter-revolutionary if I become obsessed with external action, even in the instinctive telling of stories of the past that are meant to promote deep human reconciliation in the present. Deep human reconciliation does not exclude our own consciousness. Otherwise, for one thing, we will be unprepared to deal with the seeming irrelevance of our own best efforts as species beings.

my precious

Perhaps we must each be our own comrade before we can be the best comrade to others. It would seem that the revolution is partly within us and not all about squeezing more and more efforts out of ourselves. The followers of the progressive socialism known as Prout are conscious that working for a better world involves finding a loving balance of internal relaxation and external action. Here is a link for Pema Chödron’s quote. Here is “my precious diary.” And here is the diary I published a few days prior to “my precious diary,” ironically on the subject of “why I meditate.” (ohmmmmmm)

Consistent with a more mindful perspective, I am as of today changing the first word of the second part of this website’s tagline from “striving” to “working.” I don’t think I am doing my best as a species being by “striving”–“working” for global stewardship of our soil and other resources to meet everyone’s basic needs seems more mindful.

Love, peace, and solidarity,






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