This website,, has published Pamphlet No. 1, which may be printed in full as a PDF in English or Spanish:

ENGLISH VERSION (1.98 MB): A Winding Path to Workers’ GardensA Half-Hispanic Christian Contemplative Soil Scientist’s Journey to Garden Variety Democratic Socialism Grounded in Our Soil

SPANISH VERSION (1.65 MB): Un camino de bobina a jardines de trabajadores: de un científico medio-hispano cristiano contemplativo del suelo viaje al socialismo democrático de la variedad de jardín basada en nuestro suelo

(Perhaps one day versions can be made available in at least the other common languages of the Caribbean and Latin America, but right now that is way beyond Brother Francisco’s capability!)

In this pamphlet, the founder of this website, “Francisco Nejdanov Solomin,” goes through his journey to “garden variety” democratic socialism grounded in our soil. He also provides a socialized meditation on family, religion, and alienation from his personal perspective. He ends with a socialized technical report on nutrient scarcity and soil.

As Brother Francisco wrote on August 2, 2013, when an earlier version of the pamphlet was published, it is far from perfect but “[he] was at all times writing from the heart and the mind as a species-being doing [his] best.” The revised September 3, 2013 version of the pamphlet corrected quite a few grammatical errors, and made a lot of other changes and additions, but the sentiment still holds.

Note on Spanish version: Even with Microsoft Translate, it was a big job to catch glitches in the Spanish translation. It is likely that many were missed and that there are a lot of errors in the Spanish translation. Please send any corrections or suggestions for improvement. In addition, please be aware that page references to the pamphlet in the text of posts, etc. at this website are to the pages in the English version. The Spanish version is longer than the English version (either because of linguistic differences in the two languages that add up in a lengthy pamphlet or quirks of working with Microsoft Translate), so the pertinent pages are often a little different than those in the English version, but the page references will at least get you to the right general area of the pamphlet. Por favor perdona las imperfecciones. El corazón de Francisco está en el lugar correcto, pero su español no es bueno.

Note on future pamphlets: Pamphlet No. 2, on the subject of the role of a global social compact, with economic, social, and cultural rights for all, in global solidarity and stewardship, will hopefully be published one day. It was going to be late 2014, then early 2015, but it looks like it will be published whenever it decides to write itself, as Brother Francisco is busy on other projects and, moreover, waiting for the quality of his thoughts to catch up to that of his intentions. Peace.

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