Let us dare to communicate about the better world that could be. Please feel free to contact the founder of, “Francisco Nejdanov Solomin,” who lives in ever-tolerant Nowheresville, Deep South, U.S., privately at the following email address:

Your contact will be kept strictly confidential, subject to routine and targeted data collection by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. If you want to avoid contacting Brother Francisco using your real name and regular email address, perhaps do like him and create a fake but satisfying “international communist conspiracy” name with a separate email account.

WARNING: even without contacting Brother Francisco by email, merely by coming to this website you have been subliminally encoded with the lyrics and beat of an embarrassing early 1980’s rock song. (And there’s now a “red, under your bed.”) Goodness knows what may be happening to your precious bodily fluids.

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