Doing one’s best as a species-being

Sun picture for Laura

Doing one’s best as a species-being may partly involve connecting back to the bigheartedness of our childhood selves.

Brother Francisco, artist of the above drawing in the late 1960’s upon the occasion of his abuelo’s death, cannot now determine whether he was trying to depict a dawning or setting sun. (Please see the last page of A Winding Path to Workers’ Gardens/Un camino de bobina a jardines de trabajadores to see the letter that accompanied the drawing, neither of which was ever mailed.) Living near the southeastern coast of Florida at the time, and wanting to cheer up his grieving abuela, chances are it was of the sun rising. On the other hand, maybe this was his early melancholy impression of the sun setting over corn plants trying to grow on eroded and depleted soil, a metaphor for both life and death.

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