Republicans school Pope Francis on King James English

Suffer the children,
and the persons of color,
and the persons of color who commit minor traffic offenses,
and the persons of color and other poor without the ability to pay fines, court costs, and probation fees, issue a capias warrant if they will lose their job if they miss work and fail to appear for any of their multiple court appearances,
and the persons with lady parts,
and the victims of sexual violence, who had it coming to them,
and the lepers,
and the persons with mental illness,
and the disabled,
and the sick,
and the persons with cancer, diagnosed or undiagnosed,
and the widows,
and the orphans,
and the aliens,
and the persons of other religions,
and the landless,
and the starving,
and the thirsty,
and the persons without even clothes,
and the Jonathans who love Davids,
and the persons who go to college and are loaded with debt,
and the homeless,
and the persons who do not know how they will pay their rent,
and the persons who lost their homes to foreclosure,
and the peasant farmers who lost their farms to land grabs and neoliberal trade agreements and are now living the dream on the periphery of megacities,
and the surplus army of the unemployed,
and the broken,
and the wounded from our wars,
and the prostitutes, thieves, and others who turn to desperate coping strategies to survive in the cruel world God has ordained for them,
and the prisoners, take away their rights, including the most sacred of all rights, the right to carry handguns and high-powered weapons, and, if they are persons of color, put them in private prisons in Democratic voting districts,
and the addicts in our drug war,
and the parents unable to buy consumer goodies for the kiddies who have not declared war on Christmas,
and the elderly,
and the persons dependent on free stuff,
and the poor persons living in low-lying areas vulnerable to sea level rise without state-subsidized coastal insurance,
and the persons who try to alleviate suffering of the above, et tu, Jorge?

Note: “Suffer” circa 1611 may be roughly translated “f*** you loser™.”

And speaking of the hallowed King James, never allow a king to suffer, and when in doubt find some witches.


Book burnings are no more. I will not have to double bag them in 8 mil, super heavy weight plastic bags and bury them–those by dead socialists, those by dead priests, and the one from my Baptist youth authorized by the dead witch-hunting torturing king that says: “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:1-2, KJV)

I still love those words translated for my edification but not in time for Agnes Sampson to pray them as she was garroted then burned at the stake for the uninsured losses of the king. Why blame misfortune on a spontaneous act of God when there is an outcast wise wife of Keith who stubbornly refuses to plead guilty?

The king handing out magic puppets,

him whom we dare scorn.

[Excerpt from Homage and Scorn, a free verse poem of sorts that opens A Socialized Reflection on the Praxis Implications of EVANGELII GAUDIUM, Jesuit History, and Jesuit Scholarship, written by Francisco Nejdanov Solomin in December 2013, upon reading Pope Francis’s Apostolic Exhortation on “the joy of the gospel.”]

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