the tiny hopeless steps of love

This space is usually reserved for photos and other visual depictions. But, in this dolorous beginning to Advent in my religious tradition, I cannot think of a picture to speak a thousand words other than that of a young man lying shot dead in the street. That picture does not need to be reposted here to be in our minds. I will, however, cut-and-paste these words I gave in a comment tonight to someone else’s kind Advent essay on “hope,” which state my feelings of “where we are” more apropos to the season than my lengthy webpage on the subject:

The only sincere hope for me is, having, as the Buddhist proverb says, abandoned all hope of “fruition,” to have hope in love. Love in mindful action is the only answer, but our individual contributions are so small we may give up and never try. But we love despite our hopelessness, the only sincere hope. To look on our brothers and sisters in need is to love them enough to persevere in seeking to each play our small but irreplaceable role to make this whole battered “earth” as it is in “heaven.” This global system change seems a million miles away, but we show our hope with the tiny hopeless steps of love.



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