Russell Brand

Russell Brand has shed light on the necessity for global system change. His dissatisfaction with the outcomes of democracy-lite is consistent with the observations of Reinhold Niebuhr. No, I don’t agree with non-voting as political strategy. I do not think that he should be put in charge of GOTV, but his moral clarity does not detract from, and is in fact central to, an effective political strategy–a hardened yet soft-hearted, credible, intelligent human being who is not asking for permission to say that the status quo of government of, by, and for corporations and billionaires is a betrayal to humanity. To me that is an essential part of democracy. He is speaking truth to power. He does not want totalitarianism but deep democracy, where the global economy is controlled on behalf of the people and environmentally sustainable. As Einstein might have said, energy/1 percent squared = mass movement.

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