In the field of opportunity with Francis and Fred, it’s plowin’ time again

Please read this 2013 piece by the independent socialist and outstanding soil scientist Fred Magdoff, a great species-being, with whom I had the privilege to communicate when I started this website and who was very kind to me: Global Resource Depletion: Is Population the Problem? It is the best analysis I have seen on how we cannot restrict our focus to particular problems such as population and the environment. In contrast to the in most other respects wonderful Pope Francis, whose recent encyclical on the environment I have written about as concerns sustainable agriculture, Professor Magdoff and I agree that “[a]ll people everywhere should have easy access to medical care, including contraceptive and other reproductive assistance.” However, both Francis and Fred agree that we must look at our problems holistically. We need to unite what Francis and Fred are saying in theory, and implement it in practice. Let’s try our best as species-beings to make this happen. In the field of opportunity, somethin’, somethin’, somethin’. 



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