No solidarity: a pope who won’t respect equal rights for LGBTs

Role Model for Pope Francis on LGBT Rights

Role Model for Pope Francis on LGBT Rights

I celebrated in this space not too long ago the SCOTUS decision that gave my sister, who happens to be lesbian, the equal right to marry. Now, we find out that Pope Francis had a secret meeting with the poster child for anti-LGBT “christiany” bigotry masquerading as freedom of conscience. Bottom line, Francis has got this one wrong.

I am grateful to Pope Francis for many good things, as I pointed out most recently in this space. But this is not one of them. Solidarity is not possible with Francis. Cooperation yes, solidarity no.

Some would say, “but he is a religious person, so of course he doesn’t care about solidarity.” Maybe so. He can claim to be above the world of non-violent solidarity that is the alternative to (a) violent means to making the world a better place, which has often backfired into injustice, or (b) simply tolerating injustice. But he got more than the solidarity part wrong, he got the religious part wrong too.

The ultimate theme of his religion when it intersects with civil society is justice in the service of love. It is irrational to think that the creator of this beautiful world, if God exists, has the paternalistic and homophobic prejudices of the Roman Catholic Church against loving members of the human family who happen to be LGBT. Likewise, if the loving Jesus is really up there, and his spirit is in our world, he is ashamed of Francis on this and other issues having to do with human sexuality.

My sister is a wonderful person with a loving and kind spirit towards all. She deserves and now, in the U.S., has the right to marry whom she wants, no thanks to Francis and the unloving and reactionary attitudes he sometimes promotes. She has love in her heart far more than Francis on this and other issues of human sexuality. He is being a fundamentalist. She is being a lover.

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