My New Wimpy Battle Flag


id flag

My new wimpy battle flag is inspired by the colors of plants and the underlying soil upon which we depend for life. “The flag” proper is wordless. The name of this website should not be considered part of “the flag,” but its addition is more than a shameless plug. I hope that you will find some words at this website that will inspire you in your socialist work. I feel that a small part of my socialist work is to do a little low key “promoting” of this website. (The small costs associated with this website, by the way, are funded by me. This website does not accept contributions or make any person a penny–not that there is anything wrong with socialists doing the necessary work of raising money for mutual aid and other aspects of the great social project; in fact, if you would like suggestions on good socialist causes, such as helping the Deep Democrats of Rojava, please feel free to contact me.) Socialist work does not dishonor this flag.

If you are a reactionary, I hope that you will, like I did, abandon that path and come to the path of justice in the service of love. Please feel free to burn or trample my flag. I feel free to do the same to yours. I have given up pledging allegiance to any flag. Flags are no better than the ends and means that are induced by them. Nationalistic flags have been used to place a glow of patriotic self-deception over oppression for a long time.

As a child starting school in racist central Mississippi in 1965, I was taught some bad lessons, one of which was to find cool the “Rebel flag” of the reactionary human chattel-enslaving south in the U.S. Civil War. I gradually unlearned those lessons and was left with the deeper messages of life itself, including “liberty and justice for all.” I gave up the mindset of the oppressors and have tried to take the side of the oppressed. When I write

accepting life’s complexity|working for global stewardship of our soil and other resources to meet everyone’s basic needs|being a friend to the weak

and wave my new wimpy battle flag, it is with a vengeance–not at people but at systems and conditions–and somewhat in repentance for my own missed opportunities to fight for deep democracy.

The class struggle, and the struggles for equality, continue. The one percent would-be masters of our world want us to serve them and if necessary to tear each other apart. They do not want us uniting in caring for each other. They do not want us, cooperatively and democratically, asserting control over the economy to steward our soil and other resources to meet everyone’s basic needs and to be friends to, rather than competitors with, the weak. People whose basic needs are insecure are not at all free and to maintain otherwise is a despicable reactionary lie. To propagate this lie to prop up one’s wealth and power is to embody greed and become a true enemy of human freedom.

We have seen these liars a lot in U.S. history, and they currently dominate Its political thought. It is past time to become honest. As citizens of the world, rather than fomenting lies as well as cruelty, divide-and-conquer, exploitation, hatred against “the other,” and privilege, like the southern confederacy and its Jim Crow progeny did, “we” can grow. Let us work together across cultural and ethnic lines to free and nourish our one world and ourselves in a loving and sustainable manner. It is obvious which side “we” are on. Creating profits for the rich and powerful is no way to run the world.

May my new wimpy battle flag be an unhallowed organic mere symbol of global human liberation, justice, and solidarity. May our world be filled with many other such symbols.

In liberty, justice, and solidarity,


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