An Evolving Secular Palm Sunday Sermonette: Direct action is an obligation

purposely made difficult. (Here’s the Wikipedia discussion of “direct action.”) Young people, the worker, and the poor correctly sense the sickness of our world, purposely made to seem invincible. We “expect” them to work when there are no jobs and deal with contradictions and injustice with superhuman self-discipline Jesus Christ would not expect them to marshal. They are made of flesh and blood. They do not like the crap sandwiches we feed them. They sometimes seize temporary escapes or feed on each other. Who can say that is not purposeful too? … but not by them. Every addict, teenager, and petty thief is a revolutionary could-a-been, not to mention a potential profit center. Much better to keep them scrambling for self-medication and blaming each other than to allow them to band together in human solidarity. By all means, keep them from voting. Screw democracy, we’ve got a global economy to run. [Please go to this post for the rest of the sermonette, and to learn the background on a great song and a bad video.]

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