Dazed and Confused, But Learning to Question

DSA logo, etc.

Please see here for information about the logo in the upper left hand corner and intelligent answers to these questions. For information from one who is dazed and confused, but learning to question and no longer along for the ride (or mailbox tamperin’), ask Francisco. He wishes he’d had the courage to be one of those standing up for justice in Nowheresville a long time ago. He is still in Nowheresville, but the world is changing rapidly, even in Nowheresville, which now has cool singin’ groups with websites and YouTubes, and it is not too late to try. His titles do not always roll off the tongue, but praxis makes perfect. (And about that hostility thing.) [Note to my many comrades who are not democratic socialists: After I did this little illustration, I realized that it might imply that I think that others on the left who do not identify as “democratic socialists” do not also love flowers and human friendship, or that they have “hostility problems.” That was not at all my intent. Solidarity!]

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