Congratulations To My Dear Lesbian Sister and Her Loving Partner

Many years ago, before it became socially acceptable and there were to my knowledge lawsuits on the subject, I wrote a letter to the editor in my viciously conservative town, which I call Nowheresville, Deep South, calling for marriage equality in the civil sphere of the U.S. My motivation was based on the love that my dear lesbian sister has for her partner. My rationale was more or less what the U.S. Supreme Court has today adopted.

I have no idea if my sister and her partner ever intend to marry. But they should have the right to, and in my mind always did, and now they do according to the officialdom of the U.S.

I am going to skip adding a rainbow to this blurb on this historic day, only because I do not want to minimize our collective joy through any attempt at creativity upon my part. Aw heck, I cannot resist. Creativity beckons.

Visualize a staircase rainbow with two lonely people, one on each side of it, walking toward each other and meeting on the top in a passionate kiss, with all of us, the human family, sitting on the green grass on our quilts looking across the sky at that rainbow and those two lovers, happy and teary, both lovers and family, that this day has finally arrived.

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