Deep South “Perennial” Collard Greens

collard composite

These are photos of “perennial” collard greens “I” am growing in my garden in the Deep South of the U.S. Actually, I had completely forgotten about them from last winter’s garden and by chance looked their way this morning after visiting my compost piles to discover “they” are doing quite nicely on their own, thank you very much. Here is an article about 8 Perennial Vegetables Anyone Can Grow, which says about kale and collard greens:

Perennial varieties will grow in many climates, and are among the healthiest of all vegetables. I eat greens at least once a week, and find that the secret is to not overcook them. Chop greens into half-inch strips and plunge into a pot of boiling, salted water for 10-15 minutes; remove and dress with butter/olive oil, vinegar/lemon juice and salt or feta cheese. And you thought you didn’t like greens.

Here and here are two articles which point out that although collard greens are not technically “perennial,” depending on the climate they can behave that way. [Here is the patch four months later, with a link to some interesting videos.]

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